Akabane Lab Alumni Meeting Information


Mr. For the first time in 20 years, we will be holding an alumni meeting for Akabane Lab (including Kimura Lab alumni and industry personnel) in a hybrid format. Details will be worked out in the future, but we are thinking of September 30th, the day before October 1st (school opening day). If you are far away, use Zoom. If you would like to meet Akabane Sensei in person for a drink for the first time in a while, please come to Nagaoka (advance reservations are required due to venue availability). The problem is disseminating information about the event to all graduates. As a request, I would like you to spread this information as much as possible, and I would like you to contact Kimura as well. We have a ``core person'' at intervals of 3 or 4 years after graduation, and we would be happy if you could contact us. First of all, please spread the information about the advance notice of the OB party.