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Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) are familiar as information display devices for televisions, personal computers, mobile phones, game consoles, etc. LCDs are probably the most successful "organic devices" of any electronic device. Kimura Lab has been conducting basic research on LCDs for many years. From that experience, we are also researching not only LCDs but also organic thin-film solar cells and batteries. In the spirit of technology, let's unravel the universal laws of technology hidden in electronic devices, break through technological barriers, and bring about new innovations together.


  • We have the utmost respect for student independence. We will value the steps of making a research plan by yourself and coming up with ideas and putting them into practice.
  • I hope that you will improve your communication skills in English. We actively publish the research results obtained at international conferences and strive to submit them to English academic journals.
  • Technology is advancing day by day, and I do not know what kind of technology will be involved in society after graduating from this university. In the laboratory, we are conducting research activities with the aim of developing human resources who can flexibly respond to new technologies by learning all about software, hardware, manufacturing, analysis, and presentations.


木村 宗弘
Professor Munehiro KIMURA More >
柴田 陽生
Assistant professor Yosei SHIBATA


Year Name Alma mater
GD5 Yuki Imamura Kagoshima College
M2 Sakunosuke Abe Hakodate College
M2 Daiki Fujii Kagoshima College
M1 Ryoma Terasawa Gunma College
M1 Amon Nakagawa Tokyo Metropolitan College (Arakawa)
M1 Yuki Enomoto Numazu College
M1 Kento Masai Fukushima College
M1 Haruto Nakai Ibaraki College
B4 Shunsuke Natsume Chubu University Haruhigaoka High School
B4 Ryota Kobayashi Matsumoto Technical High School
B4 Saho Ohtani Nagano Technical High School
B3 Kenta Ueyama
B3 Takahiro Kurokochi
B3 Wakana Nasu
B3 Yukichi Moriguchi


Name Nagaoka University of Technology
Department of Electrical, Electronics and Information Engineering
Liquid Crystal Device Laboratory
Professor Munehiro Kimura
Address 1603-1, Kamitomioka Nagaoka, Niigata 940-2188, JAPAN
TEL +81-258-94-9540
FAX +81-258-47-9500
Extension number 5474
Research content ・Research on basic physical properties of liquid crystal devices
・Research on Flexible & Printed Electronics
・Basic research on power storage and power generation devices