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When I was a kid, I was a "radio boy" at the time, and I was interested in everything that could be related to electricity.
I put the BASIC language program I brought into the computer (which was rare at that time in the countryside) displayed at the electronics store for about an hour by bicycle and took it home with a cassette tape, or made my own amateur radio communication device. I enjoyed playing it.
When I was a college student, I jumped into the LCD display laboratory with the story of a professor who said, "I want to realize a beautiful display so that children's eyes do not get worse."As I pursued research on liquid crystals, I became captivated by the possibilities of organic electronic devices.
Human beings are also organic substances when viewed as substances.The era of more direct interaction between computers and humans is just around the corner.
I would like to do research while having fun together.
Munehiro Kimura