Alumni (Former Students)
In the table below, D, M, B represent Doctor, Master and Bachlar degree.
Year Name Dissertation Titles
March 2024 Abe Sakunosuke M) Unified Interpretation of Ferroelectric Nematic Liquid Crystal Molecular Alignment by the Surface Polar Anchoring Model
March 2024 Daiki Fujii M) Study on the Mechanism of Alignment Transition of UV Reactive Mesogen-Doped Liquid Crystals
March 2023 Koki Sato M) Fast response of nematic liquid crystals using photoinduced flexoelectric effect
March 2023 Yuta Shimizu M) Investigating the preparation conditions SrTiO3 (100) surface reconstruction by the thin film deposition method
March 2023 Yuki Suzuki M) Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging of Lead Sulfate Crystals Formation and Dissolution at the Negative Electrode-Electrolyte Interface in Lead-Acid Battery Electrochemical Reaction
March 2023 Taito Yokoyama M) Study on the influence of substrate surface reconstruction on γ-Al2O3/SrTiO3 (100) interface conduction properties
March 2023 Yuki Enomoto B) Observation of alignment transition in reactive mesogen-doped liquid crystals due to UV irradiation and consideration of its cause
March 2023 Amon Nakagawa B) Evaluation of polar angle anchoring energy of SiO films by symmetric oblique incidence transmission ellipsometry
March 2022 Yuito Kabutoya M) Preparation methods of SrTiO3(100) reconstructed surfaces using molecular beam epitaxy
March 2022 Tomoyasu Mashima M) Basic Study on Novel Driving Method for Nematic Liquid Crystals Manifesting Flexoelectric Effect
March 2021 Toshiya Akatsu M) In-situ observation of the redox reaction on the negative electrode of the lead acid battery using atomic force microscopy
March 2021 Ryuga Ueno M) Dependence of Flexoelectric Coefficients and Dielectric Anisotropy of Nematic Liquid Crystals
March 2021 Daiki Fujiwara M) Effect of sample preparation conditions on Flexoelectric Coefficients determination by transmission ellipsometry
March 2021 Reo Yasuda B) Orientation order parameter simulation of racemic liquid crystals by molecular dynamics method
March 2020 Shota Ishiguro M) Study of the control alignment with nanorods added liquid crystal
March 2020 Hirofumi Takei M) The study about orientation of mixture liquid crystal by Molecular Dynamics simulation
March 2020 Kazumichi Ito B) Automation of near-infrared spectroscopic measurement system for liquid crystal orientation evaluation by Python
March 2019 Takashi Ohnishi M) Fabrication of Transmission Monochromatic Light Ellipsometry for Measurement of Flexoelectric Coefficients
March 2019 Kenya Saito M) Evaluation of azimuthal and polar anchoring energy for photoalignment film by ellipsometry
March 2019 Takuto Watanabe M) In-situ Measurement of Negative Electrode in Sulfuric Acid for Lead Acid Battery by means of Frequency Modulation Atomic Force Microscopy
March 2018 Tatsuya Takagi M) Study on alignment of dodecacene-doped liquid crystals by molecular dynamics calculation
March 2018 Seiya Takahashi M) In-situ observation in sulfuric acid on the negative electrode surface of lead battery by dynamic mode AFM
March 2018 Kazuki Nakamura B) Evaluation of lead-acid battery negative electrode surface by electrochemical measurement and AFM
March 2018 Tomoyashu Yago B) Orientation Analysis of Nematic Liquid Crystal Mixtures by Molecular Dynamics Calculations
March 2017 Komei Kouno M) Improvement of liquid crystal alignment in ULH mode by means of slit coater method
March 2017 Ryosuke Sahara B) Fabrication and evaluation of a symmetric oblique incidence transmission ellipsometer for flexoelectric coefficient measurements
March 2017 Tomohiro Narukawa B) Simultaneous measurement of electrochemical reaction and surface topology on lead-acid battery electrode surface
March 2016 Yuki Kobayashi M) Segregation interface observation of reactive-mesogen-doped liquid crystal by atomic force microscope
March 2016 Naoto Endo M) Fabrication of Uniform Lying Helix Mode LCD by Means of Silt Coater
March 2016 Hiroki Matsumoto M) Measurement of Flexoelectric Coefficients of Nematic Liquid Crystals by means of Symmetrical Oblique Incident Transmission Ellipsometry
March 2016 Zur Ain Binti Hanifi B) Shear-thinning phenomenon of nematic liquid crystals by doping nanoparticles
2016 Gerhard Didier De la Mora Hernandez research student
March 2015 Ikuya Onodera M) Fast response cholesteric liquid crystal device with flexo-electric effect
March 2015 Keisuke Ueda M) Study on direct observation of organic-liquid layer interface by means of atomic force microscopy
March 2015 Takahiro Matsumoto M) Study on the Effect of Polymer on Electro-optical Properties of Polymer-stabilized Blue Phase Liquid Crystal
March 2015 Filzah Binti Zainal Arif M) Fundamental Study on Flexoelectric Coefficient Evaluation of In-Plane TNLC
March 2015 Yamamoto Takuya M) The control of the LC alignment by slit coater and the evaluation of its polar anchoring energy
March 2015 Nada Dianah Binti M Azmi B) Evaluation of Flexoelectric Coefficient by Transmittance Measurement of Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Cells
March 2014 He Sun M) Study on the surface alignment of photoaligned liquid crystal cell
March 2014 Taiki Watanabe M) Evaluation of flexoelectric coefficients by using the SOITE method
March 2014 Itaru Yamana M) Effect of Surface Alignment on the Temperature Range and Electro-Optical Properties of Blue Phase Liquid Crystal
March 2014 Yukihiro Nagataki M) Investigation of Device Parameters and Electro-optical Properties of Nematic Liquid Crystal Display Fabricated by Slit Coater
March 2013 Kazuya Goda D) Applications of the Renormalized Transmission Ellipsometry for the Evaluation Techniques of the Various Liquid Crystal Display Modes
March 2013 Takeshi Ohe M) Evaluation of the Liquid Crystal Alignment Film by the Friction Force and the Optical Anisotropy
March 2013 Ryuki Kashiwagi M) Fundamental Study of the Organic Photovoltaic by Using Liquid Crystal Alignment Technique
March 2013 Kazumasa Kanbayashi M) Evaluation of the Polar Anchoring Energy for the Liquid Crystal Cell Equipped with a Color Filter by the SOITE Method
March 2013 Norihiro Nagumo M) Study on Fabrication Methods of Flexible device using Polymer Stabilized Blue Phase Liquid Crystal
March 2013 Keisuke Ohtsuka M) Study of alignment printing technology by slit-coater
2013 Md. Asiqur Rahman research student
March 2012 Suguru Saito M) Study on a correlation between rubbing-induced optical anisotropy and azimuthal anchoring strength
March 2012 Mami Nagasawa M) Study on Analysis Technique for Guest-Host Liquid Crystal Displays by means of Transmission Spcctroscopic Ellipsometry
March 2012 Satoshi Yodogawa M) Fabrication and Evaluation of Nematic Liquid Crystal Display by Means of Slit Coater
March 2012 Nguyen Hanh Duy B) Research on liquid crystal microactuator
August 2011 Jais Bin Lias D) Study on Application of UV-Processed Molecular Alignment in Liquid Crystal Devices
March 2011 Yoshihiro Oura M) Study on Bistable Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Device
March 2011 Yoichi Inoue M) Study on the Imperfect Alignment Caused by the Rubbing Scratches
March 2011 Keisuke Ito M) Evaluation of Alignment of Nematic Liquid Crystal Thin Film by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
March 2011 Hideaki Sato M) Study on Liquid Crystal Alignment Formed by Means of Slit Coater
March 2011 Kazuyo Tachibana M) Determination of Polar Anchoring Energy Based on SOITE Method by Combining a Voltage Correction
March 2011 Ainatul Hakim Binti Mohamad Zaini B) Study on Rubbing Conditions for Rubbing Scratches Reduction
March 2011 Mohd Hasrul Ridhwan Bin Ab Khaer B) Research on Vertical Alignment Film Formation Conditions and Liquid Crystal Alignment
March 2010 Kazuya Goda M) Determination of Dispersion of Refractive indices of Liquid Crystal based on Transmission Ellipsometry
March 2010 Yudai Azumai M) Study of bistable cholesteric liquid crystal device
March 2010 Yuuki Kuramoto M) Study on cause of the defect of the molecular alignment by rubbing proces, and pile structure of cloth
March 2010 Atsushi Fujita M) Estimation of the Formation LC layer by Flexographic Method of Molecular Alignment
March 2010 Norimasa Yoneda M) Characterization of high pretilt angle generated by mixed polyimide alignment layer
March 2010 Hirokazu Kamada M) Evaluation of abrasion of alignment film caused by the rubbing process
March 2010 KKeisuke Kunori B) Fabrication of optically anisotropic thin film evaluation and measurement equipment by Brewster's angle reflection method
March 2009 Youkou Kurashita M) Analysis of high pretilt alignment for chiral nemathic liquid crystal
March 2009 Ryota Kono M) Study of surface anchoring energy on blend alignment film
March 2009 Kazuto Sasaki M) Fundamental Study of the Transcription Method of the Molecular Alignment
March 2009 Takahiro Shimizu M) Characterization of High Pretilt Angle Generated by Blend Polyimide
March 2009 Takayama Tomohiro M) Film Thickness Dependence of Molecular Orientation on Nematic Liquid Crystal Film by Ellipsometry
March 2009 Takenori Nitta M) Study on the influence of cloth used for rubbing treatment on liquid crystal alignment
March 2009 Toshiyuki Noguchi M) Study of in-plane switching bistable liquid crystal device
March 2009 Ryo Yoshida M) The comparison of LC device evaluation method in difference of the optical geometry of ellipsometry
March 2009 Kong Liu Ching B) Refractive index dispersion measurement of liquid crystals by plural-incidence transmission ellipsometry
August 2008 Jais Bin Lias M) Study on Bistable Liquid Crystal Devices with Patterned Alignment Films
March 2008 Hideki Sakamoto M) Study of liquid crystal characteristics using blend alignment films
March 2008 Hirokazu Hosokai M) Study of alignment of nematic liquid crystal films
March 2008 Tomohiro Yazawa M) Liquid crystal alignment on micro-textured substrates
March 2008 Hirokazu Kamada B) Evaluation of Rubbing Intensity Dependence of Cell Parameters Using SOITE Method
March 2008 Thai Khy Uy B) Study on the effect of cloth material used for rubbing treatment on the alignment of liquid crystals
March 2008 Shinichi Hagiwara B) Study on Orientational Defects Caused by Rubbing Treatment
August 2007 Thet Naing Oo D) Study of Alignment of Nematic Liquid Crystals at Patterned Surfaces
March 2007 Mituo Iwama M) Evaluation of liquid crystal and alignment film by using the SOITE method
March 2007 Toshihiko Onuma M) Characterization Cholesteric Film by means of Ellipsometry
March 2007 Yoshifumi Oyanagi M) Study on the Effect of Rubbing Treatment on Azimuth Anchoring Strength
March 2007 Yuuki Yasu M) Micro-patterned alignment of nematic liquid crystals
March 2007 Hiroshi Horie B) Effect of rubbing conditions on liquid crystal alignment surface
June 2006 Tiago Sales Pinto B) Evaluation of negative dielectric anisotropic liquid crystals and alignment films by means of SOITE method
March 2006 Norihiko Tanaka D) Generalization of determining for the wavelength dirpersion of the refractive indices of liquid crystal and liquid crystal cell parameters by using the renormalized transmission ellipsometry"
March 2006 Nobuaki Matsuhashi D) Structural analysis of smectic liquid crystal free standing films by means of transmission ellipsometry and molecular dynamics
March 2006 Hiroyuki Itaya M) The study of alignment of liquid crystal by using surface relief grating
March 2006 Hiroyuki Tsukada M) A study of in-plane switching TN mode\\ by using the improved electrode
March 2006 Gaku Hasegawa M) Approach to Detection of Properties \\of Anisotropic Thin Film by Reflectance Measurement
March 2006 Ryota Bansho M) Characterization of liquid crystal and alignment film by using the SOITE method
March 2006 Yoshinori Mishima M) Evaluation of Wavelength Dispersion of Refractive Indices by using the Ellipsometry and The Application
March 2006 Kohei Sasaki M) Evaluation of liquid crystal surface orientational ordering and anchoring
March 2005 Yamato Abe M) Evaluation of Polar Anchoring Strength by Symmetric Oblique Incident Transmission Ellipsometry
March 2005 Sanker Ganesh B) Study on Liquid Crystal Alignment Characteristics at Liquid Crystal-Alignment Film Interface
August 2004 Thet Naing Oo M) Liquid Crystal Alignment on Microscopically Controlled Alignment Films
March 2004 Shinichiro Oka D) Study on In-plane Switching TN mode
March 2004 Yasuyuki Ohta M) Measurement of the Azimuthal Anchoring Strength of Nematic Liquid Crystal on Surface Relief Grating
March 2004 Kazuya Kobayashi M) Study of Novel Display Mode with Liquid Crystal
March 2004 Takashi Takemi M) Study of Anchoring Effect on Bistable Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystal Device
March 2004 Takashi Mitsumoto M) Relationship among Surface Order, Phase Transition Process and Azimuthal Anchoring Strength of Nematic Liquid Crystal"
March 2004 La Hung Trong M) Study on the measurement of Polar Anchoring Strength at\\Liquid Crystal-to-Alignment Film Interface
March 2004 Kohei Sasaki B) Relationship between rubbing strength and anchoring strength at liquid crystal-alignment film interface
March 2003 Toshiyasu Tadokoro D) Development and its application of optical measurement method for liquid crystal surface orientational analysis
March 2003 Yoshitaka Okumoto D) Structural analysis of smectic liquid crystal free standing films
March 2003 Katsuhiro Okubo M) Evaluation of azimuthal anchoring strength of photo-alignment film PVCi
March 2003 Takehiro Ono M) Study of Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystal Device
March 2003 Norihiko Tanaka M) Generalization of determining for the wavelength dirpersion of the refractive indices of liquid crystal and liquid crystal cell parameters by using the renormalized transmission ellipsometry
March 2003 Wataru Hashimoto M) The Study on Surface Bistable Alignment of Nematic Liquid Crystals
March 2003 Taku Fujiwara B) Characterization by simulation of a-IT mode
March 2003 MAZRAH BINTI ABDUL MAJID B) Anchoring strength measurement of high pretilt alignment film
March 2002 Hiroki Kato M) Study on In-plane switching a-TN mode
March 2001 Shinichiro Oka M) Evaluation of a novel liquid crystal display mode
March 2001 Ryota Okada M) Evaluation of refractive index and wavelength dispersion of liquid crystals by means of ellipsometry
March 2001 Hirotoshi Higuchi B) Trial of generalized ellipsometry using rotating analyzer method
Listed after 2001 when Professor Kimura was promoted to Lecturer.